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Microinverter HM-800 HOYMILES. The best Microinverter of reactive power control chain for 2 solar panels.

  • Installation: Simple, modular and scalable
  • Optimization: Board to Board
  • Integrated: In photovoltaic roof
  • Ideal: In residential area
  • Safe, reliable, powerful and intelligent.
  • Easy installation: Connect and use.


Micro inverter HM-800 HOYMILES. The best Micro inverter for reactive power control string for 2 solar panels.

Microinverters are responsible for converting free energy from the sun into savings on your electric bill. When you choose Homyles, you get industry-leading efficiency, low failure rates and premium quality. They also allow you to monitor and optimize each individual panel, generating maximum power. They perform the same basic function as string inverters: they transfer direct current (DC) power to alternating current (AC) power. However, microinverters are the size of an internet router so they can be installed directly underneath the solar panels.

How do Microinverters work?

  • They are installed next to your solar panels: offering options of up to six panels connected to a single microinverter.
  • They convert direct current (DC) power to usable alternating current (AC) power per panel .
  • Use a data transfer unit (DTU) to collect data from the microinverters and monitor power generation on our S-Miles Cloud platform.

Technical Data.

  • Safe, reliable, powerful and smart.
  • Modular and scalable.
  • Ideal for residential area.
  • Board-to-board optimization.
  • Integrated in PV rooftop.
  • Maximum efficiency with 99.8% MPPT
  • 12-year warranty with possibility to extend to 25 years
  • Easy installation, just plug and play.
  • External antenna for more powerful communication with the DTU.
  • Power factor (adjustable) 0.8 reactive.....0.8 inductive.
  • High reliability; NEMA enclosure (IP67); 6000V overload protection.

A02 MIC 0011

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