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Ready-to-install micro inverter with monitoring of up to 4 PV panels


Hoymiles' new HMS-2000 microinverter has an output power of up to 2000 VA, ranking it among the best 4-in-1 microinverters.

Each microinverter connects to up to four PV modules with independent maximum power point monitoring and tracking (MPPT), optimizing energy harvesting and enabling easier maintenance. The Sub-1G wireless solution enables more stable communication in any installation environment.

The DTU-WLITE-S is the transfer unit that collects information from the microinverters wirelessly with Sub-1G to send this to the S-Miles Cloud application, the monitoring platform using Wi-Fi. With small size and simple installation, the DTU-WLITE-S has a special adaptation in residential PV installations. Through S-Miles Cloud the installation can be controlled for viewing readings, alarms and remote maintenance.


- 1 HMS-2000 (A02 MIC 0013)

- 1 DTU-WLITE-S (A02 ACM 0030)

- 1 single-phase junction connector (A02 ACM 0021)

- 1 End plug (A02 ACM 0022)

- 1 Disconnecting tool for single-phase junction (A02 ACM 0025) 1 Disconnecting tool for single-phase junction (A02 ACM 0025)

- 1 Unlocking tool for single-phase bushing (A02 ACM 0027)

A02 MIC 0015

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