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Ready-to-install micro inverter with monitoring for your 6 PV panels


Hoymiles has successfully developed the world's first three-phase microinverters with reactive power control technology. The company's models of the three-phase microinverters, HMT-2500 and HMT-1800, can significantly improve power distribution performance. Voltage stability is key to power distribution; failure to ensure stable voltage can result in damage to distribution networks. Equipped with reactive power control technology, Hoymiles' latest three-phase micro inverters can efficiently solve the problem, reduce costs and support up to six modules, while ensuring quality performance of power distribution and simple installations.

The DTU-LITE-S is a device designed to transfer data from PV microinverters using a Sub-1G wireless solution and transfer it to Hoymiles' monitoring system, S-miles Cloud. With small size and simple installation, this new unit from Hoymiles has been specially designed to suit residential PV installations.


- 1 HMT-2250 (A02 MIC 0010)

- 1 DTU-LITE-S (A02 ACM 0029)

- 1 three-phase junction plug (A02 ACM 0023)

- 1 three-phase junction end plug (A02 ACM 0024)

- 1 Disconnection tool for three-phase junction (A02 ACM 0026) 1 Disconnection tool for three-phase junction (A02 ACM 0026)

- 1 Three-phase busbar release tool (A02 ACM 0028)

A02 MIC 0018

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