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Current transformer 250A SOLAREDGE is a device that measures the energy passing through the cable that remains inside the clamp hole. This figure, by means of the wire coming out of the toroid, is communicated to the Energy Meter what energy passes through each phase. Thanks to this, the Energy Meter will be able to know which is the energy requirement that we are having in real time and communicate it to the SolarEdge inverter, in order to properly configure the management of self-consumption, including the control of the discharge to the grid.

Thanks to the high-precision toroidal clamp measurements and fast communication via the Modbus RTU interface, the inverter knows our energy demand in real time. Thanks to this, the output power of the system is adjusted so that the surplus energy produced by our PV system can be limited if necessary.

Thanks to the advanced management of self-consumption that SolarEdge inverters perform, this is a necessary device to measure the energy of our solar installation if we have a battery and the StorEdge interface for it. This clamp will allow the SolarEdge inverter to manage the energy from panels and battery, if present, to maximize self-consumption and use the minimum energy from the grid in case none of the own energy sources (solar or battery) are available.


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