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Single-phase backup box for Huawei 2-6KTL-L1 in combination with Huawei LUNA Battery Solutions


Boost your energy security with the Huawei Backup Box B0! This innovative accessory offers an exclusive maximum output of 5kW and an ultra-fast reaction time of only 3 seconds to keep your devices running.

Compatible only with electrical installations with neutral, the Huawei B0 Backup Box guarantees a reliable supply for critical loads without exceeding the inverter's rated power.

Designed to integrate with Huawei string inverters and batteries, you can link up to three inverters, each with its own Backup Box B0 to power critical loads independently.

Configuration of the Backup Box is easy via the Solar Fusion app, allowing you to customize parameters such as battery depth of discharge and manual or automatic activation.

With a power delivery capacity of 2.5kW, the Luna 5kWh battery module perfectly complements the Huawei B0 Backup Box, providing a stable and continuous supply.

Don't run out of power at critical moments! Rely on the Huawei Backup Box B0 to keep your essential loads running at all times.

A02 ACI 0022
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