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Huawei three-phase inverter 25 kw M5


Take your PV system to new power levels with the HUAWEI SUN2000-25KTL-M5 three-phase inverter!

Optimize your generation: With 2 MPPT and 4 inputs, this inverter is compatible with a wide range of HUAWEI SUN2000 optimizers, ensuring efficient and reliable power production.

Maximum power, maximum results: Get up to 20A per MPPT for one string and up to 30A per MPPT for two strings, maximizing the energy captured from your solar panels.

Total control from anywhere: Monitor and control your system in real time via WLAN/Ethernet using the Smart Dongle-WLAN-FE or Smart Dongle-4G/3G/2G. Keep control in your hands.

Quality and security: Rely on HUAWEI for reliable performance and a stable connection at all times. This inverter is built to last.

Power your home or business with smart and efficient solar energy with the HUAWEI SUN2000-25KTL-M5 three-phase inverter! Don't miss this opportunity to generate your own clean and sustainable energy.

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