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GoodWe 6.5 kw three-phase hybrid inverter


Optimize your energy autonomy with GOODWE ET PLUS+ hybrid inverters!

Optimized energy autonomy: Our ET PLUS+ hybrid inverters maximize energy production, improve self-consumption and increase savings through intelligent features such as Peak Shaving and power backup.

Smart and efficient operation: Enjoy smart, efficient operation with intelligent charging controls and a wide battery voltage range to meet the individual needs of your residential ecosystem.

Modern, compact design: With a modern, compact design, ET PLUS+ hybrid inverters integrate seamlessly into Smart Home systems, offering a safe and reliable energy storage solution.

Superior safety standards: GOODWE ET PLUS+ meets the highest safety standards, giving you peace of mind and reliability in your PV and integrated storage system.

Silent and fanless, with a UPS/UPS equivalent switching time of less than 10 ms.

GOODWE ET PLUS+ hybrid inverters are the perfect choice for optimizing energy autonomy in residential ecosystems.

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