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GoodWe 50 kw three-phase inverter
Up to 15 A per PV series


Unleash the solar potential of your commercial rooftops with the GOODWE SMT inverter!

Outstanding features:

Reliable energy yield: Optimize your commercial rooftop PV system with up to 6 MPP trackers and high efficiency, obtaining maximum yield and making the most of the available space.

Compact and lightweight: The compact and lightweight design of the SMT series reduces costs and simplifies project installation, giving you greater flexibility and efficiency.

Smart and efficient operation: The SMT inverter offers smart and efficient operation to ensure maximum energy production, even in adverse conditions such as temperatures up to 45°C.

Flexible configurations: Adapt the inverter to your needs thanks to its flexible configurations, providing customized solutions for your solar project.

Superior safety standards: Enjoy peace of mind with AC and DC type II surge protection, ensuring the safety and reliability of your system.

Increased yield: With 110% AC power, you get the most out of the energy generated by your PV system.

The GOODWE SMT offers outstanding energy yield and hassle-free installation! Make the most of your solar investment and reach new levels of efficiency and profitability.

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