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GoodWe three-phase inverter 250 kw


Maximize profitability in large-scale projects with the GOODWE HT 1500V inverter!

Maximum output: Get maximum power production in any environment with this inverter designed to support green investments and ensure continuous high yields.

Smart and efficient operation: With smart and efficient operation, the HT 1500V optimizes energy yield and offers the best value for money for large-scale PV plants.

Lower costs: Enjoy lower capital and operating expenses, facilitating the long-term profitability of your project.

Superior safety standards: GOODWE HT 1500V meets the highest safety standards to ensure longevity and performance even in extreme environmental conditions.

Advanced communication: Combine the inverter with GoodWe's SCB3000 solar communication device for remote monitoring and control via power line communications (PLC).

Compatible with high power modules and adaptable to high temperatures, the GOODWE HT 1500V inverter is the preferred choice for large-scale PV projects.

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