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Fronius Tauro Eco 50-3-D three-phase inverter, direct version.
Consists of 14 inputs with MC4 connectors grouped by 2 disconnectors (7/7).
1 MPPT and active ventilation.


Unmatched power and endurance with the Fronius Taurus inverter!

Outstanding features:

Durable endurance: Designed to withstand direct solar radiation and extreme heat, its double-layer housing and active ventilation ensure maximum long-term performance.

Efficiency and savings: Simple installation and maintenance, with the possibility to replace only the affected power stage in case of failure. Lower operating costs for safe and cost-effective operation.

Smart and open control: Easily monitor and control your system from your smartphone or computer. Seamless integration with third-party components thanks to open system architecture.

Flexible design: Full adaptability in the design and installation of large solar projects. Fewer components and wiring thanks to integrated surge protection and AC Daisy Chaining.

Sustainability and repairability: The Fronius Tauro is designed for a long service life and features field-replaceable parts, which saves time and resources in case of maintenance.

The Fronius Tauro is the perfect choice for long-lasting power and exceptional performance! Rely on Fronius quality and innovative design for your PV system.

A02 RET 0111
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