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Three-phase backup box for Huawei 3-10KTL-M1 in combination with Huawei LUNA battery solutions.
Single-phase back-up function up to 3 kW power.


Power your PV system to the maximum with the Huawei Backup Box B1 Luna2000 Three-Phase Luna2000! This dedicated contactor acts as a backup, providing emergency supply when the grid fails.

Integrating digital technology and the Internet with residential solar power, this device features a built-in plug & play battery interface.

Huawei's hybrid inverters stop during power outages, but with this accessory you guarantee continuity of power supply. Quickly switch between normal and backup power in less than 3 seconds.

With a maximum power of 5,000VA and an output current of 22.7A, this backup is capable of powering critical loads in your home - intelligently manage energy and keep your equipment on without interruption!

Discover the reliability and performance of the Huawei Backup Box B1 Luna2000 Three-Phase Luna2000 - don't miss the opportunity to have a stable power supply at all times!

A02 ACI 0023
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