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Ingenious Design -- Small and exquisite inverter modules
Industry 4.0 -- GPRS, bluetooth and cloud platform to build the IOT module
Variety modules - integrated ac/dc module (Boost)
IP65 Protection ---- A perfect union of m


SI30 series solar pumping inverter, its features and benefits are as follows:

- Smart Internet of Things-Smart Irrigation.

- Modular design.

- Wireless transmission, mobile APPLICATION "one key operation".

- IP65 high level of protection, no cabinet mounting required.

- AC110V/220V/400V multiple voltage options.

- Drive a variety of synchronous, asynchronous and permanent magnet BLDC motors.

- MPPT Maximum power output + multiple protection functions.

- New aluminum alloy appearance, generous and reliable.

Metallic appearance, perfect integration of fashion sense and technology:

- Die-casting aluminum alloy shell, lighter and more reliable, service life more than 25 years.

- Fine surface treatment, high-speed sandblasting, electrochemical anodizing.

- New keypad design, appearance is simple, supports end-user "single key start and stop".

Triple IP65 protection, bring you a different experience.

- Waterproof panel: regardless of wind or rain, the operation can be completed with one button.

- Waterproof connector: both input and output are safe and reliable.

- Waterproof housing: strong armor, SI30 solar pump inverter wind and rain protection.

Mobile app remote control, you can control it without going out.

- Bluetooth, WIFI, GPRS bring wireless transmission technology.

- Chinese and English language switching is widely used.

- Drop-down menu is convenient and quick to set parameters.

- The digital tube shows the current data clearly and accurately.

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