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SI23 solar pump inverter its benefits and features:

  • Specially designed with advanced MPPT and CVT technology.
  • Support online remote monitoring through GPRS remote monitoring system.
  • Work well with PMSM, AM and other pumps.
  • Book design saves installation space.


SI23 solar pump inverter its benefits and features are as follows:

  • New book-style narrow structure design saves much installation space.
  • Abundant expansion interfaces and new expansion accessories to meet various needs.
  • New air duct design makes the heat dissipation effect even better.
  • Adapt to the intelligent module of Internet of Things, remote control of big data.
  • A variety of features to meet the needs of various markets and users.
  • Maximum power is 710kw, multiple voltage levels, suitable for multiple countries and regions.
  • Integration of synchronous and asynchronous drives, integral opening and closed loop.
  • New control algorithm makes the drive more stable and efficient.

New appearance, narrow body structure:

  • Narrow book body structure saves up to 60% of the volume.
  • New keypad design, simple appearance and easy operation.
  • European style terminals improve wiring efficiency.

Easy debugging, excellent expansion:

  • Professional PC software, one-key readout of debug parameters.
  • Virtual oscilloscope accurately diagnoses and observes data curve.
  • Supports 485 communications, SPI, GPRS, PG cards and other expansion interfaces.

Perfect structure:

  • The device is separated from the air duct to improve the environmental resistance of the machine.
  • Wide teeth surface efficiently dissipates heat to ensure that the total power is not de-ratified.
  • Strict selection of high quality parts, scientific design, prolong the service life.

Customized photovoltaic functions:

  • MPPT control mode, adjust the output frequency to the suitable frequency in real time.
  • Complete water pump protection functions extend the service life of water pump.
  • Customized PQ curve allows users to understand information such as accumulated flow and power generation. Multiple
  • functions such as AC/DC mixing, synchronization, cleaning, etc. meet the market demand.
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