Attention: incorrectly installed solar panels can cause a fire

It happens with any type of installation: if it is not done correctly and by a qualified professional, the risks can be enormous. This is something that we have observed on multiple occasions with all kinds of devices: from poorly installed air conditioners to devices that cause short circuits due to poor electrical connections. That is why we always say the same thing: the safest thing is to always resort to experienced and authorized professionals.

So, just like some time ago we told you about the calculation and sizing of isolated photovoltaic solar installations, today we will tell you wrong about the risks of installing solar panels incorrectly. Are there risks in a photovoltaic installation? Of course it does, especially if it is not carried out in accordance with the regulations. One of the biggest dangers, in fact, has to do with the possibility of a fire starting and the entire house ending up on fire.

Why can a photovoltaic panel catch fire?

As we have said, it is essential to have a trusted installer to carry out this type of assembly in your home. And this is so because, despite the fact that a photovoltaic installation is quite safe, if it is not installed correctly the risks multiply until they are quite high. Regarding fires, there are three main reasons why they can occur:

  • The age of the panels, which usually have a useful life of around 30 years. If the equipment wears out a lot, it could burn out.
  • Poor connections or loose cables that cause electric shocks. A dangerous situation that can also trigger the flames.
  • Generation of hot spots, which occur when there is shadow on a panel and the energy does not flow through all the diodes. This generates a lot of heat at certain specific points, which could end up damaging the plate or starting a fire.

To avoid any of these reasons, it is best to use a quality company with proven experts. In this way they can help you with the maintenance of your panels, the wiring and they will check that everything is correct to avoid possible hot spots.

What does the law say about it?

As we have said before, in order to avoid having to face a problem of this type, it is enough to resort to an installer who is in charge of installing the panels correctly. In this sense, there are regulations in force at the national and international level to minimize the risks in a photovoltaic installation.

This regulation establishes how the panels should be arranged on the roof of the house. In addition to distributing them so that the area is passable and can support the load of firefighters in the event of a fire. In this way, to enjoy solar energy, it is not enough just to place panels to cover the entire roof, but to do it safely and with certain guarantees to avoid possible unpleasant surprises.

So if what you are looking for is that your photovoltaic installation is safe, do not hesitate and turn only to expert companies with qualified personnel. At Varisolar we are at your disposal to make your home self-sufficient through the installation of completely safe solar panels. Do not hesitate and contact us.

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