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Maximize your energy independence with the incredible GoodWe EH PLUS+ hybrid inverter!

  • Power and Efficiency: Designed for residential homeowners, this EH PLUS+ series inverter optimizes solar energy production and increases your self-consumption. Make the most of every ray of sunshine!
  • Advanced Features: With peak-shaving and reliable backup, you'll never run out of power. Keep your home up and running without interruption!
  • Modern and Safe Design: With no fans, this inverter is quiet and meets the highest safety standards. Enjoy peace of mind and efficiency in one device!
  • Versatile Compatibility: Grid-tied and battery-ready, the EH PLUS+ adapts to your needs.
  • Compatible with the GoodWe Lynx Home F battery and more, get the energy autonomy you want!
  • Smart Integration: Control and optimize your system from anywhere with Smart Home system integration - keep total control in the palm of your hand!

Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy an energy independent home with the GoodWe EH PLUS+ inverter!

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