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Goodwe single-phase inverter 1 kw


The XS series solar inverter is a compact and quiet option designed specifically for modern homes. This grid-tie inverter is ideal for residential PV systems, offering high energy yields and quiet operation. It can be installed either inside the home or on an outside wall.

The XS series is compatible with various smart home integration protocols, allowing easy connection and control within the home system. In addition, it is capable of supporting high power modules, even up to 15 A.

The GoodWe HomeKit 1000, belonging to the XS series, offers additional functions such as power export limiting and load monitoring. These features provide greater flexibility and control over the power flow in the residential PV system.

In summary, the XS series inverter stands out for its compact size, quiet operation and smart integration capabilities, making it an efficient and versatile choice for modern homes.

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