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Fronius Primo FULL 3.6-1 single-phase inverter, WLAN/LAN/Webserver


The FRONIUS Primo 3.6-1 3.6kW Solar Inverter is a solar inverter that operates in single-phase mode and does not require an additional transformer.

Primo inverters without the "Light" designation are equipped with the built-in WLAN communication module, which enables the display of inverter data via an internet connection.

The FRONIUS Primo 3.6-1 3.6kW Solar Inverter is a single-phase inverter that connects to the grid. All Primo models have IP65 protection and two MPPT. The "light" models do not have WLAN communication, while the others do. It is ideal for homes and offers Internet connection, dynamic power management and consumption display. It does not require batteries and has a zero injection system to avoid discharging surplus energy to the grid.

A02 REM 0069
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