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TRINA SOLAR Photovoltaic Module. It corresponds to the TSM-DE19R range with which it will bring us a great help in our self-consumption installation.


- Peak Power (PMAX): 575W

- Voltage at maximum power (VMPP): 38.2V

- Intensity at maximum power (IMPP): 15.07A

- Voltage at open circuit (VOC): 45.7V

- Short circuit current (ISC): 16.08A

- Module efficiency: 21.3%.

These output data are under standard irradiation conditions of 1000W/m², at a cell temperature of 25°C and with an air mass of 1.5 AM. The output power tolerance is approximately 5W.

These panels are subjected to strict quality controls to ensure durability and production throughout their lifetime. The warranty is 12 years at maximum output and 25 years of at least 80% of its rated power when new.

We have high module power and efficiency with high density interconnection technology and high energy harvesting on rooftops.

Simple design and installation for commercial and industrial rooftops, compatible with a wide variety of inverters and for many mounting systems.

Optimization of system costs, it has lower cost of structure, wiring and electrical material thus reducing installation times and amortizing the time better.

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