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The DX³ 4/63/300 A residual current circuit breaker protects people and equipment against the risk of fire. They are of high hardness, corrosion resistance and can be used in humid environments and do not worry about oxidation. They are also a complete and global range of high quality that covers all applications in the residential, tertiary and industrial segments.

The new range of DX³ circuit breakers expands its features to meet all applications requiring performance, selectivity and association:

- Available in single-pole, single-pole + neutral, two-pole, three-pole and four-pole.

- Breaking capacities up to 50 kA.

- Ratings from 1 to 125 A.

- B, C, D and Z curves (for Z curve, please consult us).

- Magnetic only version (consult us).

- The new DX³ residual current circuit breakers perfectly meet the needs of selectivity and space saving.

- Top entry/bottom exit

- Complies with the UNE EN 61008-1 standard.

C05 DIF 0026
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